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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. When will the receipt be issued?
A. Receipts can be collected on the first day of the course.

Q. Will there be a letter for completion afterwards?
A. You will get a certificate at the end of the 15 days attendance.

Q. Will there be a practicum involved?
A. Yes, 100 sessions for the post graduate certificate. You will only have to do this if you commit yourself after the initial 5 days to the rest of the 10 days programme and we will deal with all these issues during the 5 days.  If you commit yourself to the 15 days then you will be instructed on what to do during the course.

Q. How will the practice hours be arranged after the training?
A. Information will be handed to those who attend the Post Graduate course.

Q. Who will be the supervisors?
A. We will help you to arrange those.

Q. How many hours needed for supervised practice?
A. 100 supervised at the rate of 1 hr of supervision to 6 hrs of working with the children.

Q. If my background is not in child psychology, would it be ok?
A. Yes, please look at the leaflet and website for details.

Q. Is the membership fee collected from PTSG members used for future running of PTSG (and part of it for PTI) ?
A. At the moment PTI is subsidising PTSG eg set up costs, the web site, administration and the 'Play for Life Journal' production and shipping. When there are sufficient members PTSG will become self financing and its Members will be able to decide how its funds are spent.

Q. I understand that we have to join the PTSG before starting to do the practicum. How does this go? How much is the membership fee?
A. Information on becoming a member of PTSG/PTI is available here.

Q. What is the main difference between this programme and other play therapy training sometimes offered in Singapore?
A. The APAC course is a Post Graduate programme with full University awards unlike courses that are for CPD purposes only with just an attendance certificate.  If participants do not want the University awards the course may be taken with a PTI 'Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills' award only. Click here to see examples of the Approaches to Play Therapy by the two main professional organisations

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